HSB Young

HSB SWISS accompanies adolescents, trainees, students and young adults on their way to more independence and offers insurance solutions just as individual as their personal lifestyles.

Private liability insurance

By causing a damage – no matter whether you damage third-party property accidentally or even bless somebody – you have to pay. The private liability insurance accounts for you for damages amounting to CHF 10 million. Even when you leave dents in a car that you borrow occasionally.

Household contents insurance

The household contents insurance offers coverage for your own objects – even for rented or borrowed ones. Covered are damages by fire, due to natural forces (e.g. high water), water and theft.

Travel insurance and Auto Assistance

Travel insurance covers the costs for cancellation or interruption of trips, events (e.g. also ticket price) or workshops and offers help for travel incidents. Auto Assistance covers the towing costs in the event of a breakdown, repatriation and rescue costs as well as car hire costs for return travel.

Legal insurance

Private and motor legal insurance covers legal advice and meets all costs in a legal case (lawyer’s fees, expenses for expertise, court fees and costs of the proceedings, other legal costs and lawsuit compensation to the opposing party, costs of fine orders). The motor legal protection insurance guards your rights as road user.

Motor vehicle

Motor liability insurancep

This insurance is mandatory by law. It covers damages you as a driver cause to others.

Partial coverage insurance

Covers damages caused by theft, fire, natural incidents, rock fall, snowslide, glass breakage of windscreens, roadkill, martens, vandalism etc.

Optional additional coverage: Versicherung für im Fahrzeug mitgeführte Sachen, Motorradhelm und -bekleidung as well as comprehensive service in the event of damage.

Collicision insurance

The collision insurance covers the same damages as the partial coverage insurance, it covers moreover collisions of all sorts, even self-inflicted collisions.

Selectable additional coverage: insurance for damages on your parked car caused by unknown persons (parking damages), breakage of flashing lights, personal effects, helmet and protective clothing for motorcyclists, comprehensive road rescue services in the event of damage as well as bonus protection insurance.

Why HSB Young

• Fair prices for smaller budgets

• Reduced premiums for young women (motor vehicle insurance)

• Reduced retention in the event of damage

• Comparison between several insurance companies with objective to propose the best product for the best price

• Low minimum sums insured

• Reduced premiums if fever than 7'000 km driven per year (motor vehicle insurance)

• Reduced premiums for green vehicles (motor vehicle insurance)

• Up to 65% less premium after a longer period with no claim (motor vehicle insurance)

• Provided you accomplished mandatory advanced training course, we contribute for each course (WAB1 and WAB2) CHF 50.00 (for both courses CHF 100.00)( motor vehicle insurance)

• Premium reduction after absolviertem Fahrsicherheitstraining (motor vehicle insurance)

• Premium reduction when waiver of alcohol, drugs and medication abuse (motor vehicle insurance)

• Instant service for breakage of car windows (motor vehicle insurance)