Legal protection insurance

More and more private and motor legal insurance disputes appear before a court. Without a legal expenses insurance you would have to expect high legal costs.

What happens in the instance of:

• Fog: due to poor sight an accident occurs.

• Car repair: the bill exceeds the amount agreed.

• Purchase: three days after the purchase of a used car the transmission fails.

• Insurance claim: your dog is blessed by another dog.

• Rental dispute: your utilities statement is massively higher than the previous year.

• Problems at work: while you are absent due to sickness, your employer fires you.

A legal expenses protection insurance not only covers you by legal advice. It covers also:

• Lawyer fees

• Expenses for expertise

• Court fees and costs of the proceedings

• Further legal costs and lawsuit compensation to the opposing party

You profit from the following advantages:

• Comprehensive motor and private legal insurance

• Coverage inclusion of all own motor vehicles

• Free choice of lawyer without any restriction

• Assignment of lawyer possible by insurance holder

• Provision of benefits worldwide

• Exceptional guaranteed limit

• Telephone hotline for any legal advice