Corporate customers

As an entrepreneur you naturally meet various entrepreneurial risks. Depending on your sector, more specific risks come up. In order to allow you to assess your insurable risks, HSB Swiss AG offers you a comprehensive program of individual insurance policies together with beneficial combinations.

Protect yourself, specifically from the major corporate risks

Even in a large company not everything needs to be covered by insurance. However, risks that are indeed expensive for your company, or that could even threaten your company’s existence, should be mitigated accordingly.

General liability insurance covers personal and material loss or damage as well as the resulting economic damage your company is held responsible for. To prevent you from considerable material loss or damage we recommend a property insurance. It covers third-party claims resulting from, e.g., theft, fire, water, robbery, strikes, vandalism, and damages from natural incidents. The more you invest in technical equipment, the greater the risk of expensive claims. With the appropriate technical insurance from HSB SWISS AG, for instance electronic insurance or machine insurance, unpredictable material damage to machines, equipment, and installations is covered.

Whether for single motor vehicles - for personal or business use - or an entire fleet: HSB SWISS motor vehicle insurance combines convenient insurance protection with comprehensive service.

Legal disputes can be expensive and time consuming. With our legal protection insurance we offer comprehensive coverage of all important areas, including private legal expenses.

As an experienced corporate insurance service provider HSB SWISS AG offers a large range of credit insurances, especially for medium-sized companies. Economic damage or loss caused by your own employees can be covered by fidelity insurance.