Life insurance

Life insurance for private pension provision. Life insurances are capital building insurances offering fiscal benefit. You save money for old age while you benefit from insurance coverage.

Life insurance in tied pension plan (Pillar 3a)

You have already built assets within the tied pension and are now looking for a diversification opportunity based on optimal return as your main investment objective

Life insurance in flexible pension plan (Pillar 3b)

This is a capital building life insurance and offers you the possibility to save money for retirement. While you are accumulating savings, you and your beneficiaries enjoy insurance coverage based on a flexible term (minimum 5 years).


• Tax-supported savings for your private pension provision

• Preferential interest rates providing higher return

• From the start, your designated beneficiaries profit from complete insurance coverage upon death

• With certain life insurances you are sure to receive the guaranteed insurance sum payout on end of term or lump-sum benefit on death

• Ffitting Insurance solutions for all ages and incomes

• EComplementary provison for family, for old age or for occupational disability in addition to 1st and 2nd Pillar

• Deductible from taxable income in form of restricted pension plan (Pillar 3a)

• Coverage of liabilities or indirect amortisation of your home

Possible provision solutions - Consult us and decide how to shape your future

• Term life insurance

• Whole life insurance

• Traditional endowment life insurance

• Equity-linked life insurance

• Occupational benefits insurance

• Savings insurance for children (occupational disability option)

• Immediately beginning life annuity