Welcome to HSB SWISS AG

Tailor-made insurance solutions for you and me. Providing the insurance bridge to guide your customers in important decisions in their lives. Sincere and sensible to individual needs.

Legal protection insurance

More and more private and motor legal insurance disputes appear before a court. Without a legal expenses insurance you would have to expect...


Real estate

Real estate is a business in which long term goals are pursued. And in which it is crucial to have the right partner by one’s side. Our strengths are real estate management and marketing of property as well as competent...


Fiduciary services

We accept mandates on corporate boards and CEO appointments. In addition, during the start-up phase of your company, we can be appointed as trustees for the company formation (incorporator).


Life insurance

Life insurance for private pension provision. Life insurances are capital building insurances offering fiscal benefit. You save money for old age while you benefit from insurance coverage.


In prior, we are sensitive to your needs at HSB SWISS AG.

A good reputation is based on the ability to control the risks.

We create solutions to manage the operational risks and to broker insurance coverage for third-party liability compensation claims and other economic damage:

• Optimization for insurance, mortgage, credit, controlling, including outsourcing of the function.

• Access to innovative insurance solutions with benefiting conditions for our customers.

• Support of our customers in handling the non-insured as well as the non-insurable risks.

• Focused: we are centered on families and their financial well-being, which includes insurances, mortgages, real estate, fiduciary, credits and further wealth management and investment institutions products. Keeping our focus, we know legal and regulatory trends and the economic challenges our customers meet.

• Competent: our customers profit from our experience in risk management, our insurance know-how and our broker services.

• Flexible contract arrangement: we provide outstanding assistance employed on project basis or take over permanent risk- and insurance management functions on mandate basis.

• Efficient: our customers profit from our lean cost structure and our efficient communication.

• Connected: our customers profit from a broad spectrum of management support from partners in our network

The risk profile and the customer needs determine the solution we propose.

Whatever matters the most for you:

• Your risiks become calculable and the costs of risk sink

• Opportunities arise or their realisation is facilitated

• You can choose from innovative insurance solutions

• Legal and regulatory demands will be met

Conclusion: you are able to focus on your core business while we relieve you from operational risk management duties and insurance administration.

Thanks to our lean structure we offer compelling value for money.